Hello. I'm Carrie Dean, a Web Designer & Front-End Developer & this is my website: LumiBox.

Web Design & Front-End Development

A Little About Me

Hello. My name is Carrie Dean and I'm a Web Designer & Front-End Developer from Cambridge, Cambridgeshire UK. I create websites for small businesses and design customizable themes that allow users to have a great website to suit their unique needs and tastes.

I have been creating websites since 1999. It began as an innocent curiosity and quickly spiraled into an obsession. I've seen web development change dramatically over those years and it is the constantly evolving technology that makes web development so exciting.

My passion is designing and creating websites from scratch, discovering new techniques, fresh approaches, and challenging what's possible in web design.

What I Know

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The foundation of all websites, I write efficient semantic HTML5 to make fast and accessible websites.

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CSS gives websites style. The creative part of my work: it's not just about making websites pretty, it's about the best CSS to make a design work in different browsers and screen sizes.

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Using JavaScript and jQuery makes websites more interactive and I'm always having fun with the almost limitless possibilities JS has to offer.

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I've dealt with more Content Management Systems than I can remember: from the old Greymatter up to WordPress. I build customizable themes for Tumblr.

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Responsive Web Design

I will rarely design a website that isn't responsive. I believe websites should work on any device.

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To create websites I use: Sublime Text, Sketch, PhotoShop, Chrome, and Terminal. I keep it pretty simple.

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Other Bits and Bobs

I'm currently learning more about frameworks (Foundation and Bootstrap), and CSS pre-processors such as LESS and SCSS, as well as continuing to learn more about those skills outlined above. Web design is always changing. I have a basic knowledge of PHP which I'm currently not expanding on as I am focusing more on JavaScript.


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