Welcome to LumiBox

My name is Carrie, I'm a freelance web designer and front-end developer. Building great websites is what I love to do.

LumiBox is changing: a new location, a new website, and more to come very soon!

LumiBox Has Moved


Don't worry, I've not moved my website, I'm still here at the same domain. At the end of April I packed up all my possessions and moved to Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. Thanks to the internet that doesn't mean I have to stop working on projects in Luton, or stop taking on new ones from anywhere in the country! However, if you are in Luton and looking for a local web designer it will be harder for me to meet you in person.

I do a lot of communication online so please get in touch with me about your projects. I can still help you no matter where you live or work.

Looking for a web designer in Cambridge? Then please leave me a message, tell me about your project, and I can give you a quote.

New Life, Fresh Start

Starting a new life in Cambridge I think it's only fitting to create a new website. It's in the works, but for now we have this temporary page.

The old website is a shambles right now, but there will be a nice new website soon. I can still work for you, I can still offer quotes, and I can let you know of some things I'm working on. If you want to find out more, then simply get in touch.

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